Hello people! 👋

I am Claudio, a passionate Digital Product Designer focused on improving user experiences with creative problem solving and user-centred design solutions for desktops and mobiles.  I have been working in the design industry for over eight years in different countries in Europe; Italy, Germany and now the United Kingdom.

My design process includes storytelling, where I develop the story from a concept to reality with an objective and systematic approach to solving design challenges, using flow diagrams and prototypes. I create multiple solutions. I test them and then I choose the best one and execute it.

I like to work in an agile system collaborating with project managers, user researchers, developers and stakeholders to understand the user needs and the brand objectives. Once this is clear I provide intuitive user flows with appealing user interfaces and engaging interactions.

I love to help clients to create or refresh their identity and brand image with original creative solutions, updating their guidelines and design system, keeping consistency and coherence across different platforms.

My Design Process

1. Research

The project starts collecting data through different user researches. It’s crucial to analyze and empathize users behaviour and understand what problem they are facing. Once the results of the investigation are defined, they have to match with the client objectives and brand mission. In the end, the data collected will help to build user personas and user journey maps, essential for the further steps.

2. Design

Here is where the research takes form by several design documents as sketches, site maps, wireframes, user flows, mockups and prototypes. Thanks to those documents, especially wireframes that conveys the structure of the user interface, it's possible to start to understand how it will be the final product.

3. Testing

After design and redesign receiving feedback to reach the best outcome, with the developers help we reach the final interactive product. This is a result of several check-ins and usability tests from different teams involved in the process.

People said about me 🗣

Claudio was a great asset to our Marketing team. He is creative, detailed, organised and managed some very interesting strategic projects for us including the company rebrand and some creative video campaigns. He's easy to work with and gets along well with others. I loved his out of box thinking and would greatly enjoy working with him again!
Kelaine Blades
EMEA Marketing Director at Research Now
Claudio’s attention to detail and perseverance to find a solution make him stand out. I worked with him directly as part of a project which involved the development of a new website for an international organisation. His output was always of a high-quality and his design skills are impressive. He was a pleasure to work with and a great asset.
Vishal Parekh
Microsoft CRM Consultant at SmartImpact
Mr. Conticelli always acquired good specialist knowledge in a short time. He has an excellent grasp enabling his at all times to come to grips with extremely complex training content very quickly. Mr. Conticelli shows great initiative at all times, always fully identifying with the tasks he is set and with our company. He distinguishes himself with his great willingness to learn. Even in situations where there is a great deal of work to be done he always has a great facility for working under pressure.
Gyöngyvér Nagy
Head of Design at Ernsting's Family
In the time that Claudio worked for me he proved himself an extremely capable and creative talent with a great work ethic. Claudio is able to offer that elusive skill of looking at design challenges differently to come up with new, innovative ways to get the maximum result from the things he carefully crafts. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anybody looking for a fresh, professional designer with a passion to succeed.
Nick Barrow
Chief Marketing Officer at Causeway Technologies