Money Saving Superhero

my role
senior ux/ui designer

brief / problem

Contractor Supermarket is a one-stop comparison site that helps UK based contractors find resources that help them to manage their business more effectively. When I was working at BOA Media Group I was tasked to work on some online marketing campaigns for CS, a few, in particular, were quite interesting because they had been requested to develop a new superhero image that could possibly be associated as a character mascot for the brand. My responsibility was to build a landing page that would contain a list of umbrella companies and also develop a new concept of a superhero to associate with the brand.

Current Contractors Supermarket promotion landing page.


To understand the mission and the objectives of CS we had several sessions with directors and stakeholders. It allowed me to clarify their purposes and understand in which direction to move in. The project managers and I that were involved did some market research studying competitors and similar businesses, to have a wider view of the project. In this phase, we had some interviews with freelancers and contractors to understand how to improve the experience for the campaign.

Concepts & Challenges

The research provided great help for us to proceed with the process. After internal meetings receiving feedback from the project management team and developers, I presented a few wireframes that were tested reducing the possibilities in a narrow path. In the meantime, after having presented the mood-boards and pitch presentation, I developed a new superhero concept to give more personality and to be more appealing to the brand. The one chosen was a 3d male and female superhero, I also presented other concepts.

Brand development.


The final outcome was well received by both clients and users. The experience was well developed on mobile-friendly landing pages, with an easy structure that allows anyone to go throw the content and interact easily with a strategically positioned call to actions. The 3d superheroes couple were really appreciated, and made everything more engaging and appealing with them flying across the page, with the CS logo on their chest ready to bring the best solution for the user!

Visual Development.