ESTRO website

my role
senior ux/ui designer

brief / problem

ESTRO is the European Society for Radiotherapy and Oncology, a non-profit and scientific organization with over 6.500 members both in and outside of  Europe. While I was working at Smart Impact I was tasked to redesign their website and develop new sections, also  including  the user portal that contains the user’s details, events booked, etc. . I  found an inconsistent and disorganized site where it was impossible to find what you were looking for or simply to navigate through different pages. The main issues that I found regarding the user experience was a really weak navigation structure, a lack of templates, an unclear development to go through events, news and generic content. The interface instead was really discontinued and incoherent, it didn’t follow any logic.

Current ESTRO website.


We had several meetings with the client and members of the association where we had interviewed them to understand which info a typical user would search for  and what difficulties they found. The main complaint on the current site was about the navigation and the event sections. The content resulted in a really bad display and not easy to receive. The project managers and I did market research, checking competitors and comparing their web structures, to find a better solution for our client. This research was really useful and it helped me to proceed to rewrite the site map and user journey, turning everything on. During this phase, we discovered with the client that several points needed more clarification, in particular the user portal and the event section, because a more netted content organization had been required at the last minute.

Concepts & Challenges

The research was made easier for us to develop a new site structure and hierarchy to give a much better experience to the user. This has been the result of feedback from project managers, CRM consultants and developers, in this way I could find wireframes closest as possible to the final result. After a few rounds of A/B testing, we went for the more efficient solution, improving the usability. The main focus was on three points: navigation, event listing and event page. I presented a clearer navigation structure, including until three levels of hierarchy; an event listing page that could allow any member to filter through all the events and a proper event page template that could display the info necessary and allow the user to book it easily. Regarding the user interface I didn’t revolutionize their image much . I have restyled, polished made the design more appealing . The hardest part was the development from scratch of a design patterns library that included all the main components and widgets used through the entire website. It made all the experience consistent, from searching for an event to the submission of an abstract.

Initial sketches.
Wireframes for the User Portal.
Design pattern.


The client was very delighted with the final result, they were satisfied with the easier and smoother experience and the nicer and more charming interface. The team and I were really proud of the result, also because after the few difficulties during the research phase with last-minute changes, everything has been developed on time without any delay. Now any member can enjoy ESTRO contents and services without getting lost or confused.

Current homepage.
Home redesigned.
Current event list page.
Page navigation.
Event list page redesigned.
Current event page.
Event page redesigned.
MyESTRO page.