Odeon App

personal project
ODEON App Mobile
my role
senior ux/ui designer

brief / problem

Odeon is the Europe’s largest cinema operator with more than 360 cinemas across 14 European countries. Being an Odeon limitless member I often use their app to book movies at the cinema. I have noticed many difficulties when using the app many times. It doesn’t have a good user experience because it’s not easy to find what you are looking for or simply the booking process is redundant and unclear. The user interface as well is really poor and inconsistent. I have noticed that many functionalities are not working and some sections like “news” are useless because it is nonexistent. I think that a company like Odeon deserves a much better app to allow their customers to enjoy their services and to keep the user experience in the same good quality as their cinema experience, very fun and exclusive. For this reason, I decided to develop a personal project to improve this app.

Current Odeon app.


I wasn’t the only one to complain about this app, all my friends and acquaintances were complaining about how difficult it was to use it  So, to kick off the project I spent some time with them asking what their uses were and trying to understand their frustrations. To be sure to have a wide range of feedback to work on, I searched online too. On the internet, I could see in several social networks people were complaining about the app structure and functionalities, and a few of them were explicitly asked to redesign it. After having collected all the information necessary I filled out an empathy map to clarify the user needs.

Some reviews online about the current app.
Users persona
Empathy map for Odeon users
Customer journey map.

Concepts & Challenges

Before starting to work on the app I noticed that Odeon didn’t have a proper visual consistent through all media and applicants, indeed also the website doesn’t seem to be updated and appealing as many of their structures are. So, I spend a bit of time trying to visualize a proper onboarding design, that could represent the brand and I could use to develop the app. So I decided to use the space and astronaut theme, present it in the intro before any movie starts at the cinema; it fits with the brand’s identity and the blue colours palette, creating a consistent experience for the user from the big screen to the mobile.

Video intro at Odeon cinemas.
I have developed a few creative concepts on the space and astronaut theme.

Once the visual identity was clear in my mind, I reviewed all the feedback collected in the previous phase and I started to develop user flow and wireframes. To simplify the booking process, the most important reason to use the application, I did more research to see how their competitors presented this process. It helped me to order all (of) the content, removing the superfluous and to balance the necessaries.

Initial sketch concept for the new Odeon app.
Wireframes for the new Odeon app.


These researches and cyclical testing helped me to realize the final mockups for the most relevant sections like the home, sign-in, animated intro and the booking process. The result is a clean and neat design associated with smooth and engaging animations. I have shown these projects to the friends that had complained about the current version and their feedback was extremely positive, so much so that they suggested to me to present it officially to Odeon because all their users should enjoy their app and appreciate it thanks to this improvement.

Mockups for the new Odeon app.
Mockups for the booking process.
Prototypes for the new Odeon app.