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re-desing Odeon app

As a user I wasn't happy with the Odeon app so I challenged myself and I developed a new design proposal for this app.

UX/UI - Art - Research
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What can we do to engage more the user?
Odeon, is one of the European largest cinema operators with more than 360 cinemas across 14 European countries. Being an Odeon limitless member I often use their app to book movies at the cinema. I have noticed many difficulties when using the app many times. It doesn’t have a good user experience and interface because it’s not easy to find what you are looking for or simply the booking process is redundant and unclear.
How can Odeon app be more user friendly and more useful for users and Odeon members?
What users thinks about the current Odeon app?
I wasn’t the only one to be unhappy about this app. Indeed many of my friends and acquaintances were complaining about how difficult it was to use it. To fully understand their experience, I observed them using the app to see what were their frustrations and necessities. After that, to be sure to have a wide range of user feedback to work on, I searched online reviews and comments about this app. There I could see that on several social networks, people were complaining about the app journey, its structure and functionalities, indeed, some comments explicitly asked for an app redesign. After having collected all the information necessary, I defined the user persona, to represent a couple of identities for its customers, and then I designed an empathy map that shows the user's feelings using the app.
users’ online reviews
design personas
concept art
How to integrate Odeon identity into this app?
Before starting to work on the app, I noticed that Odeon has not a proper visual uniformality through all its media and applicants, indeed its website isn't following identity guidelines or a invariant design concept neither. I decided to define a consistent design through the app that could represent the brand and communicate its identity to users through different channels. I chose the space theme, because in the main brand video-promo, before any movie starts at any Odeon cinema, there is an astrounat that flow in the space while the big "O" of the brand appears, it's showing the spectacularity and the majestity of the cinema world. It also fits with the brand identity and the blue colours palette, in this way there is a consistent experience for the user, from the big screen to the mobile app.
odeon promo video
my version of odeon design identity
current app
How can I book a seat to watch a movie through the app?
At this stage, after thorough research on the brand and its users, I revisited step by step the app, focusing on the journey and its design, pointing out the pain points that need improvement.
user journey
current app
design a new app
How to make more appealing the user experience for Odeon customers?
After have collected all these information I started to design the new app.
initial sketches
Designing this app focused on the key points of the user journey, the movies list and the booking process, was so fun! The next steps for this  project would be a user test, to learn what the customers think about it and compare it with the current version to see which design works better and understand how to improve it.