Wepaye website

my role
senior ux/ui designer

brief / problem

WePAYE Umbrella is an innovative, hassle-free umbrella service based in Northern Ireland, who help contractors to take away all the paperwork and find the best solution for them. During my experience at BOA Media Group, it was requested that we redesign the Wepaye website and improve their image. Their current website was outdated, not mobile-friendly, poor of content and it didn’t transmit a smart and professional identity as they wanted.

Current WePAYE Umbrella website.


We had a few meetings with our client to define their purposes and goals.  The project management team and I had a few interview sessions with a small group of contractors that were WePAYE clients or interested in  becoming them .In this phase, we did a lot of market research to define and understand better how the umbrella market was developing in the UK. It helped me to represent a typical user and its needs. Indeed our user persona and user flows were well accepted by the client.

Concepts & Challenges

In this step, after defining initial sketches and site maps, it was quite quick to move to the A/B testing session because we encountered similar requests and we already knew  how to fix possible issues. It was an opportunity for us to speed-up the workflow. Actually, it was awesome teamwork. Indeed, no usability issues were found. So, after testing the wireframes, we moved pretty fast to the final mock-ups and prototypes. My work on the visual identity introduced a merge between photography and their bright colour palette, it transmits a much delightful and engaging image brand.

Brand development.
Low fidelity wireframes.


The conclusion of the process was a more engaging visual identity matched with an easy and simple experience that allows any contractors to use all Wepaye offers. The new visual gives a really attractive layout, and this with the presence of funny and symmetric illustrations that represent a trendy and vivid combination. The client was cheerful about it, it exceeded  their expectations, this made us very happy. This was an awesome result of a great agile and cooperative teamwork.

Home redesigned.
Desktop Mockups.