i am a
passionate ux/ui designer

with 10 years of experience in the design industry working in different fieldsand countries in Europe, such as Italy, Germany, and now the United Kingdom.

what I like to do
create a great and unique user experience
create engaging animations and interactions
create an astonishing and appealing visual design
about me
my design process
User-Centred Design approach
My design process is focused on improving the user experience of digital products by applying problem-solving and user-centred design solutions, and developing visual design systems with pixel-perfect user interfaces with animations and interactions.
always keep learning
Below is a list of some certifications that I have. I always like to be curious and learn more, not only about user experience or design... just about everything I can... I'm currently learning Spanish.
Mobile User Experience (UX) Design
Conducting Usability Testing
UI Design Patterns for Successful Software
Human-Computer Interaction - HCI
Psychology of E-Commerce: How to Sell Online
Affordances: Designing Intuitive User Interfaces
Interaction Design for Usability
Motion Design
UserZoom Core
Advance UX Research
After Effect for UX Design
Storytelling for Designers
Enterprise Design Thinking Practitioner
Illustration Workshop
Graphic Design Short Course
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