i am a
passionate ux/ui designer

with 10 years of experience in the design industry working in different fieldsand countries in Europe, such as Italy, Germany, and now the United Kingdom.

what I like to do
create a great and unique user experience
create engaging animations and interactions
create an astonishing and appealing visual design
about me
my design process
User-Centred Design approach
My design process is focused on improving the user experience of digital products by applying problem-solving and user-centred design solutions, and developing visual design systems with pixel-perfect user interfaces with animations and interactions.
always keep learning
Below is a list of some certifications that I have. I always like to be curious and learn more, not only about user experience or design... just about everything I can... I'm currently learning Spanish.
Mobile User Experience (UX) Design
Conducting Usability Testing
UI Design Patterns for Successful Software
Human-Computer Interaction - HCI
Psychology of E-Commerce: How to Sell Online
Affordances: Designing Intuitive User Interfaces
Interaction Design for Usability
Motion Design
UserZoom Core
Advance UX Research
After Effect for UX Design
Storytelling for Designers
UX Deep Dive: Analyzing Data
Enterprise Design Thinking Practitioner
Illustration Workshop
Graphic Design Short Course
Please keep in touch.