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Redesign ASCL website and create a new one with a new identity.
ASCL (Association of School and College Leaders) is the association and trade union for all school and college leaders, that represent more than 19,000 members across the UK. My task was to redesign their website, developing two different identities, one for the organization and one for the professional development for their members. Furthermore, another separate flexible identity, that could change every year, had been required only for the annual conference. The requests were really challenging; redesigning the current website and creating a new big identity that would be separated into two. It wasn’t an easy task also because the deadline was really short.
How can I improve and create a consistent experiences through different ASCL websites?
What ASCL user needs?
The project management team and I had several workshops with the association board members to define the requirements for the new websites. In this stage, we had an opportunity to see how their internal workflows were. After that, a few interviews followed with a small group of school leaders that were habitual to ASCL services or interested in booking their professional courses. After that, we had other internal meetings to clarify the user needs and to develop user persona to solidify our understanding of their necessities. These sessions have been helpful for the next steps.
current website
Below a few desktop screenshots of the current website, it’s quite dated and there’s not a mobile version user friendly.
New identities
What ASCL user needs?
After the research phase, we had a few meetings to build a consistent experience through the different website identities. Working on the existing guidelines, I developed two separate identities, blue for the association and green for the professional development. For the conference microsite, because of the freedom requested, my solution was to build a flexible identity with primary and secondary colours, that would be exchangeable only with matched colours.
new design
How to make the ASCL websites more user friendly and attractive?
Here there are all the steps from the initial sketches to the final mockps.
initial sketches
mockup ascl website
mockup ascl professional development
mockup ascl conference
working in progress
It was interesting to develop a consistent user experience through different identities of the same web portal. The upcoming steps will include several user testing, focusing firstly on the single focus website and then seeing how the whole works together.