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contractors supermarket

Landing page for the comparison site Contractors Supermarket.

UX/UI - Art
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Contractors Supermarket
Contractors Supermarket website
Contractor Supermarket is a one-stop comparison site that helps UK-based contractors find resources that help them to manage their business more effectively. The client launched an online marketing campaign with a superheroes theme. I developed two designs to test this theme.
How do define a superhero theme to fit well the contractors' user experience?
After receiving the brief I had several meetings with directors and stakeholders. It allowed me to clarify their purposes and understand in which direction to move in. The project managers and I that were involved did some market research studying competitors and similar businesses, to have a wider view of the project. In this phase, we had some interviews with freelancers and contractors to understand how to improve the experience for the campaign.
option A
This one was the first landing page designed. This version wasn’t successful in the A/B testing phase.
option b - winner
This version with the 3D superhero received an higher appreciation by the users.
working on option B
next steps
Here the successive steps will include another user testing to see what the user thinks about the landing page and define its performance with this final design.