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Website for the umbrella company Industry.

UX/UI - Art
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Redesign Industria website and define a new identity.
Industria Umbrella is an elite payroll-servicing company based in North-West England. My task was to redesign their website because the current brand didn’t reflect its dynamic personality, and the predominance of blue and grey was too dull and not a balanced business image.
How can I improve the user experience with a new identity for Industria?
How can Industria improve their user experience with a new website?
We had a few workshops at their office in Liverpool, that helped us to have a clear idea about what to include in the visual identity and website structure. There we had a few interviews in small groups with contractors and umbrella agents that knew Industria services.
current website
Their website was outdated and confusing, not mobile-friendly, and the lack of consistency and hard-to-find content didn’t allow a decent experience.
New identity
I developed a new visual that presented a much brighter and brilliant identity. The new primary colours transmit a relaxing and trusting feeling; the yellow, swapped with the orange, is the sprinkling element that harmoniously is balanced with the vibrant blue.
new design
Below the wireframes and the mockups that followed the new identity guidelines.
After developing a new identity and a new user experience, it gave a really unique result, unrecognizable from the previous website. These improvements generate a  smoother experience, that allows the user to fully enjoy Industria services and our client to present themselves professionally and competitively in the market. The team and I were really proud about the result we got, it satisfied the client’s requests respecting the deadline.