re-desing estro website

Website re-designed, including the road map for its internal design system for future developments.

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Has ESTRO website a good user experience?
ESTRO is the European Society for Radiotherapy and Oncology, a non-profit and scientific organization with over 6.500 members both in and outside of Europe. Their website, at that time, was an inconsistent and disorganized site where it was impossible to find what you were looking for or simply to navigate through different pages. They asked to redesign and restructure it, including new sections like a portal where the user can check his activities.
How to make a more efficient ESTRO website for the user?
What ESTRO needs for its new website?
For this project, unfortunately, there wasn’t much time for proper research as the client already did an internal review with his members to understand their necessities and he presented to us the key points to work on and developed the new website. After this, we studied the marketing competitors and defined the main steps of the process, including the re-design of the existing parts and the development of new sections.
current website
Below are a few desktop screenshots of the current website, there’s not a mobile-friendly version. Also the user journey is broken, to reach key areas and some important sections are missing; like the member portal area.
new design
How to make the ESTRO website more user friendly and attractive?
Here there are all the steps from the initial sketches to the final animated prototype. I’ve also included the current design to compare it with my version, showing the new functionalities and components.
initial sketches
homepage - old design
homepage - new design
event page -  old page
event page -  new design
portal page -  new design
roadmap design system
Define the next steps to develop all pages
This is the collection of the main design components developed during the redesign, all of these follow the Atomic Design principles and have been structured in a way that allows the creation of new components.
initial pattern library
The client appreciated and liked the outcome, next steps for this project will be to build a coded version of the homepage and test it with a sample of ESTRO members to receive initial feedback before launching the website online and improving any possible weak points.