website redesign
WEPAYE website

Website for the umbrella company WePAYE.

UX/UI - Art
project FOR
Redesign WePAYE website and define a new identity.
WePAYE Umbrella is an innovative, hassle-free umbrella service based in Northern Ireland, that helps contractors to take away all the paperwork and find the best solution for them. My task was to redesign the WePAYE website and improve its appearance.
How can I improve the user experience with a new identity for WePAYE?
How can WePAYE improve their user experience with a new website?
We had a few meetings with our client to define their purposes and goals. The project manager and I had a few interview sessions with a small group of contractors that were WePAYE clients or interested in becoming them. In this phase, we did a lot of market research to define and understand how the umbrella market was developing in the UK. It helped me to represent a typical user and its needs.
current website
Their current website was outdated, not mobile-friendly, poor of content, and the visual didn’t transmit any smart or professional identity.
New identity
I keep the colourful identity of the original website evolving it into a new one, more appealing and smarter than the previous one. My work on the visual introduced a merge between photography and a bright colour palette. It transmits a much more delightful and engaging image brand.
new design
In this step, after defining initial sketches and site maps, I designed the wireframe, and I applied the new identity with the mockup. Once the layouts were ready, it was quite quick to move to the A/B testing session to see which templates were more performing.
The final result was a more engaging visual identity matched with an easy and engaging user experience that allows any contractors to use all WePAYE offers. The new identity matches with funny and symmetric illustrations, it shows a trendy and vivid combination with the final layout. The website exceeded the client's expectations, indeed this one was an awesome result for great agile and cooperative teamwork.